• Updated bootstrap to v3.3.7. Read more about the 3.3.7 release on The Bootstrap Blog.
  • Additional 'security-focused' directives added to .htaccess defaults


  • Updated jQuery to v1.12.2. Read the jQuery blog update summary.
  • Updated the assets .zip creator inside the Password-Protected "LDAP Vault" to reflect most current changes including /scss.
  • Replaced invalid css max-height value "auto" to "340px" for navbar-collapse-max-height variable.
  • Removed border-bottom color function from .btn-shadow().


  • Examples added for alignment & transformation, addresses, keyboard input, strikethrough, underline classes.
  • mostateparks.com added to external warning whitelist.
  • .margin-top-0, .margin-bottom-0, .padding-top-0, .padding-bottom-0 helper classes added to vertical-spacing.
  • Less -> Sass (scss) port complete. Both are now available under /less or /scss directories.


  • Conditional browser update alert for IE versions <=IE8 added to headcontent.htm


  • Added theme-color meta tags for mobile browsers. See Google Developers for more information.


  • Refined external modal dialog titles and long links flowing off of the content area.
  • Bootstrap-hover-dropdown updated to v2.2.1.


  • AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 directive added to .htaccess for improved browser performance.
  • Bootstrap javasript is now loaded from CDN by default w/local fallback.




  • Reorganized main navigation menu links.
  • Replaced empty dummy links in footer w/useful resources.
  • Added "Section 508" dropdown to main navigation menu for accessibility related tools and resources.
  • Updated Flexslider to v2.6.0 and added package to bower.json.



  • Updated the 404 page template with updated error description, search, useful links, contact us, & image placeholder.


  • Fixed external modal .fade class typo (fadee —> fade).
  • Removed trailing comma in #modal-content options. This was causing issues with javascript in old IE.


  • Added updated mainsprite.png to include GovDelivery subscription button and added example to social toolbar in header.
  • Added .nowrap class for disabling default wrapping on specified links.
  • Added responsive Tablesaw example.


  • Enabled LDAP Vault section—accessible via authenticated state LDAP credentials through Apache .htaccess directive.
  • Added dynamic Assets .Zip Creator for downloading assets.mo.gov "New Blue" resources (must be authenticated through LDAP for access).
  • Re-added .not-external class for removing the external link notification dialog on specified links.
  • Updated Bower Components to current versions for Font Awesome (v4.4.0), Respond.js (v1.4.2), and HTML5Shiv (v3.7.3).


  • Print styles updated to auto-expand accordions and show absolute path rather than relative for links.
  • IE9 fix for accordion header/title toggle




  • Updated Style Guide
  • Updated size of previous/next arrows on the mobile slider (they were too big)
  • Updated jQuery bower_component to #1.11.2 (latest version supporting ie8)
  • Added Footable samples and examples


  • Removed "bold" formatting from buttons that are html links. The bold style was causing a miscalculation in bootstrap responsive button sizing.
  • "sr-only" added to mobile navbar toggle button for HTML5 compliance and screen reader usability
  • HTML5 & ARIA Roles added for better accessible navigation.
  • Updated Bootstrap to Version 3.3.2. Read more | Full Changelog
  • Changed default script/css loading to minified version for Flexslider & Footable.


  • MOguard.com added to external link whitelist.
  • Footer and mobile menu touch improvments. :Focus & :Active added/
  • Firefox fix for .table-responsive added per suggestion from official Bootstrap documentation. Read more
  • <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> user-scalability (pinch-zoom) no longer disabled for xs devices.
  • Slight alignment adjustment to Flickr social utility bar sprite icon


  • "news-list" styling example added to Components page.
  • Flexslider line-height increased from 40px to 45px to stop tiny portion of arrow icon from being cut off.
  • Flexslider Accessibility Improvements


  • .pdf sprite class exception added for <button> element.



  • Added Flickr and GooglePlus images for social media in header and footer
  • Added code to be easily grabbed on a few sample pages (slider, scrollup, newsticker)
  • Put in hidden text in mobile menu button so the validator quits barking about it
  • New mobile only "home" link to menu


  • Added responsive filter map and links to examples (under resources)
  • Fixed newsticker code & styles for font and font size
  • Added "spaced-out" class for lists that need more margin between list items
  • Updated responsive embed with an example of embedding a playlist
  • Changed link to the ldap for increased security logging into vault
  • Added new button (light blue) for use in tables or for neutral items (btn-default-alt)


  • Ability to easily remove external class from any element (global.js). To use, just add "not-external" class to any desired whitelist element.
  • Weekly changelog section added to assets
  • External link modal (global.js) modified to automatically close on "Yes" click, or "esc" input from keyboard
  • "Scroll to Top" button added to samples
  • Assets .zip archive download creator added to LDAP-Protected Vault
  • Working bootstrap modal added to bootstrap components section
  • Image captions and styles added to bootstrap components section
  • Map example styles updated to responsive bootstrap classes
  • Sample page sidenav id renamed to avoid conflicts with map styles


  • MegaMenu mobile dropdown links changed from blue to white on blue background to increase contrast
  • IE8 issue corrected that caused active and visited links to become bold
  • Jquery local loading backup rearranged to come immediately after CDN in case CDN fails to load. (footcontent.htm)
  • .sr-only focusable style removed (no longer needed)


  • Heading style defaults fixed for panels, accordion, and tabs to reflect official styles guide